Adding A Little Zen To Your Life.


There’s a lot out there about alternative therapies and all of them say they can ‘cure’ you of whatever ailment you’ve got. Hypnotherapy, herbal remedies, probiotics and acupuncture. They all say different things and all say they help in some way, shape or form!

A lot of people swear by them and others think they’re utter bollocks! Personally I’ve never thought much of alternative therapies simply because I’d like to believe that the doctors and specialists would’ve thought of every angle before pumping us with loads of meds, but I’m open to trying new things.

Unfortunately for me thanks to the very angry colon I’ve developed I have to take medication, but I’m always open to attempting other things that might help my immune system to chill out. Recently I’ve found some solace in massages; to have someone pushing and squeezing all the stress out of my muscles for an hour, come out feeling like I could sleep for days and smelling like spa is the best way to spend my afternoon. So I decided to find out about how this kind of relaxation could help with my UC and stumbled across Reflexology.

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Reflexology is the idea that different areas of the feet correspond with certain areas of the body. I was pretty skeptical and I have super ticklish feet (didn’t fancy my reflexes coming into play and I accidentally kick the therapist in the face. Pretty sure I wouldn’t be allowed back)… It did get me thinking… How could squeezing my feet help my digestive problem? Last I checked my stomach was pretty far away from my feet. But I decided to give it a go because surely it couldn’t make me any worse, and if it didn’t work then at least I had a nice foot massage.

Prior to the reflexology I felt like a dogs dinner! I’d had my own personal rain cloud over my head for about two weeks and wasn’t exactly skipping into the appointment. The place smelt relaxing (weird thing to say I know but if you’ve ever been to a spa you’ll know what I mean) bursting with aromas that just made me want to sleep. There was the classic ‘whale music’ playing in the background and the lights were so dim I nearly walked straight into the table… Good one Billie. But once I’d stopped being an idiot and just got out of my head I laid down on the very comfy massage table, and she started squeezing my feet.

I almost fell asleep it was so relaxing, and even though I have very ticklish feet I’m happy to say I didn’t kick her! After about 30mins she was done and told me what is wrong with me… She said that my colon and stomach area was ‘gritty’ (no surprise there), my kidneys were dehydrated (which could be down to the meds… Thanks Methotrexate) and my spleen wasn’t very happy either (don’t know what that means but always good to know). She said that she could feel the stress in my body through my feet and I’m hoping that she has squeezed it all out! I left feeling the full zen of the spa treatments, smelling like a lavender bush and a hell of a lot better than I did when I walked in.


Hoping that rain cloud turned into sun!

24 hours later and I had the best sleep I’d had in a long time! I didn’t feel the tight twisted feeling in my stomach anymore, I didn’t have bloating that made me look 4 months pregnant, and just felt a whole better in myself. I want to believe that this is down to the reflexology and that it rebalanced me a little because it really was a lovely experience.

I know that lots of people swear by it and I’d love to join them! Guess I’m going to have to keep it up and see if it works… What a shame! I’m glad that I tried it out because it offered me a new insight into how relaxation and therapy like massages can really help to take my mind off the whole illness thing; even if it won’t help the UC directly it certainly will help to lower my stress levels. Researchers have found that stress can contribute to the development of UC and Crohn’s, so to keep my stress at a minimum is always a great idea!


If you find that stress plays a part then it could be a good idea to give it go! Or if you aren’t sick and are just a ball of stress then I totally recommend getting down a spa and getting a little pampering. Or even if you just love treating yourself, then I certainly recommend reflexology.

I went in very skeptical of alternative treatments but left feeling like I might have to make this a regular treat to myself! I went in for a shoulder, back and neck massage with the reflexology at the end (totaling up to an hour of treatments) and it came in at about £40. Which if you ask me is very good value for such a gorgeous way to spend your afternoon! I’ll definitely be going back!

If you’re feeling a little under the weather and just fancy relaxing, I totally recommend reflexology!

(I went to see Amanda. So if you’re in the area and fancy a go, see her! Holistic Waves, Hemel Hempstead, 07748185958)


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