“Well you don’t look sick” & other annoying things healthy people say… Happy World IBD Day 2020. 

To celebrate World IBD Day and give us all a giggle, here are top 10 annoying things healthy people say…

The following are real comments, idiotic advice or downright ridiculous things people have said to me or those who submitted their own via my instagram. 


“You don’t look sick”

You don’t look like an idiot… Amazing how these things can be hidden. 

“Oh, you poor little thing…” 

Erm… No… I am none of the above. Well maybe little – I am 5ft 2. If there’s one thing I hate more than anything, it’s pity. I’m not worse off than someone who happens to wipe their butt instead of a bag.

“My cousin had a friend who’s sister had the same thing. They turned to [insert turmeric/kale/yoga] to cure it.” 

The thing about IBD is that it effects everyone differently. My experience is MY experience.

P.S. IBD is INCURABLE! If there was a cure I would still have my large intestine. 

P.P.S. Turmeric is bullsh*t

“You know your doctors are just pumping you with medication to get paid by the pharmaceutical companies, right?” 

The UK General Medical Council clearly state in their Code of Conduct, doctors must abide by selflessness, integrity, openness and honesty (to name a few). In the last four years I’ve been under the care of three gastroenterologists, four GPs, countless nurses and an incredible surgeon. All of them had one goal – make me feel better! 

*Just to be clear, I came off medication in 2018. 

“Oh yeah I’ve got IBS. I totally understand what you’ve been through.”

Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD) are two very different things. IBS is a disturbance in the gut. IBD is when the immune system can’t tell the difference between the good or bad cells in the gut, so attacks them all; causing ulcers and bleeding. 

IBS doesn’t cause inflammation in the body or require surgery. It also doesn’t increase your risk of colon cancer.

*IBS is still a condition that impacts quality of life but it’s important to know they’re completely different. 

“You shouldn’t eat dairy/meat/veg/anything that tastes nice. But you should also eat meat/veg/fruit/dairy/anything that tastes nice… You should go vegan or veggie or cut out every Tom-Dick-and/or-Harry because it’s clearly your diet that is to blame.” 

Please don’t tell someone with a gut condition what to or what not to eat. It isn’t helpful. To quote my GI “Diet has nothing to do with it. It’s an autoimmune condition.”

Also, someone genuinely messaged me the below: 



“If you’re just positive, you’ll think yourself better.”

There are studies that show your mind and gut are linked. However, it’s physically impossible to think away the ulcerated insides… And for the love of god, please don’t tell me that mindfulness cures a gut condition.

Again, IBD can’t be cured.

Me telling someone I poo into a bag… Their reply: “Well you can’t even tell!” 

I know you can’t tell. That’s because I put clothes on this morning. 

Also why is it, when I tell people I have a stoma bag they instantly look at my stomach? You’re not going to see anymore than you did 30 seconds ago when you didn’t know. 

“I wish I could loose weight as easy as you”

I lost weight because I was pooing 20-30 times a day. Not sure Weight Watchers are going to adopt that plan…

P.S. Any comment about someone’s weight is downright rude – illness or not. 

Anyone who spells Crohn’s as Chrons. 


Below are a few sent in by the chronic illness community:



2 thoughts on ““Well you don’t look sick” & other annoying things healthy people say… Happy World IBD Day 2020. 

  1. A really good read, thank you! Actually scary how most of these are relatable and how I’m sure everyone with IBD will have received comments like this! Hopefully more people will become more aware! I did have a good laugh reading though, it’s just so ridiculous!

    Liked by 1 person

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