Hello and thank you for taking an interest in writing for TRUST YOUR GUT.

I’m so pleased you’re interested in sharing your story with me and my audience. This platform is designed to provide some positivity and retell realistic experience to those with a chronic illness and/or disability. As well as educating and informing those who don’t.

Please read the below carefully before sending me anything.

Here are the guidelines:

  1. GET CREATIVE! This is your chance to have some creative flare – it can be funny, thought provoking or just your journey.
  2. If you’re not all that great with words, email me a bullet pointed version of what you want to say and I will put the pieces together. I will always send it to you for the final say. Please note, this may take longer to come back to you.
  3. I am looking for realism and positivity. All experiences are valid but please keep in mind, TYG is here to help. I don’t want to scare someone or display information that could hurt someone (emotionally or physically).
  4. Unless you are a medical professional, I cannot post anything that comes across as a form of medical advice. For example, claiming a cure for the incurable.
  5. You are entitled to stay anonymous – just let me know
  6. Please include 3-5 pictures. If you have an order in mind, label each photograph.
  7. I will be reading every piece before it goes live. This may include some grammatical and structural changes but I won’t change the premise of your story.
  8. If you have an Instagram account you would like me to direct people to, I can include that at the end.
  9. Max word count is 1,000.
  10. Email me at trustyourgutblog@gmail.com and remember to put your instagram handle in the email subject.

Ultimately, I want you to enjoy writing it! So get the creative juices flowing and I can’t wait to read it!

Any questions, email or DM me on Instagram.


B x

If you are experiencing any symptoms then contact your GP or see a gastro specialist. The information on this blog shouldn’t be used as substitute for medical advice. NEWSFLASH: Im not a doctor.